Concert violinist, Irina Tseitlin

Vicente Chamber Orchestra

Cellist. Carol Ou

Concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Robert Chen

Previous soloists with the Vicente Chamber Orchestra 

Violist, Beatrice Chen

About the vicente chamber orchestra

Pianist, Noah Simon

Formed in 2016, the Vicente Chamber Orchestra has grown from a few volunteer musicians to an orchestra consisting of nearly 59 musicians. The Vicente Chamber Orchestra has performed three concerts to date, each with substantial audience support and recognition. The stated mission of the group is: “music for music’s sake.” 

The Vicente Chamber Orchestra is a project of Fulcrum Arts’s Emerge Program. Fulcrum Arts is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. With the help of many generous supporters and robust ticket sales to each event, the Vicente Chamber Orchestra has been able to support itself without the formation of a Board of Directors and fundraisers.